These are like inflatable tyres which you hang onto whilst being dragged across the sea by a power boat.

Hanging on for dear life, screaming, crying, swearing, laughing take your pick. This is a great adrenaline rush – a real adrenaline junkies dream being dragged at top speed inches from the sea.

Tubes are an extremely versatile choice. You can have an easy ride with lots of fun, being pulled gently by the boat or have a sensational experience if you dare. If you love speed, waves and jumps and demanding body action, this is the one activity for you – but always under your absolute control. Thumbs-up means faster. Thumbs-down means slower. It’ that simple and it’s all it takes!

All ages can enjoy and have a lot of fun riding the tubes.Here, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people can ride simultaneously.


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