Safari Jet Ski

If you feel the need to refuel in the sun, here is an exciting new experience to try: Join us on the jet bike tour along the beautiful beaches of Rhodes! Apart from fun and lots of adrenaline, with the jet-ski you will discover a natural virgin site where nature still owns all rights. Book your jet ski safari right away and don’t miss this exciting trip!

A simple thought became the most powerful sense of fun and action. Our experience that ensures your safety and our quality combined with our investment to the latest Jet Ski models bring you to the point best value for money.

Age group from 3 to 99
Safety Equipment Provided
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You must be 16 year of age or older with a picture ID to drive, 18 years or older to rent and any age may ride.
Yes, we provide instructions for jet skiing. No experience is required. Our company policy requires trained activity coordinators to provide safety instructions and training to everyone regardless of their experience.
During the Safari Jet Ski trip, the drivers must drive near the guide-boat and follow the driver's instructions. You will have enough space to play with your jet skis and the waves but always you must keep a safety distance from the boat and the other drivers, keep driving behind the boat and respect to guide's signs. There is a remote control on the guide-boat and the driver can stop your jet ski anytime, if you don't follow his instructions.
We have 4 jet skis at Rodos Water Sports Action, 2 Sea Doo GTi and 2 Yamaha Waverunners. You can rent all 4 jet skis during the Safari Jet Ski trip. Please contact the staff for more information.
Speed depends on the water condition (How choppy the water is due to wind and waves) and the total weight onboard. One person on a jet ski will obviously go faster than three people on board. Our Jet Skis are capable of going over 55 miles per hour, and on the water - that's fast! You don't have to go fast of course, but if you want to, our exclusive riding area allows enough freedom to keep your machine full-throttle for the entire ride!


The total trip lasts 1 hour (60 mins) and includes sightseeing, swimming and driving. Time starts from the moment we depart from the Water Sports Center.

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During the trip, you can switch drivers on the same jet ski on the water. On the swimming stop you can swap with someone from the boat. No switching from one jet ski to another jet ski due to safety reasons.


Safari Jet Ski is available ONLY in the mornings, because usually in the mornings there are not many waves and we can visit better places.

What's the schedule?

Our trip starts from our Water Sports Center where after everybody wears a lifejacket followed by the skippers’ meeting to explain the “Security First”. Then we continue by showing practically how the jet ski works and then we are ready to go.

The guide boat, with an experienced driver, starts and then the jet skis follow one by one.

Our first destination is the Pink Floyd house, located in Pefki village. There you can see the historical house from the sea, as long as the driver is telling you some information about the building.

Next stop is the cave of the seal. The cave was given this name because of the fact that it constitutes one of the seals’ preference in order to hide in there and give birth to their pups safely. Take a tour in the natural habitat of these beautiful mammals and enjoy the beauty and emotions evoked by the nature. This landscape is regarded as an ideal destination for the outdoorsies and for those who love and admire our natural heritage.

After about 20 minutes we arrive to the beautiful waters of Psaltos (or Navarone Bay), where we stop for swimming and resting. From there you can see the Acropolis of Lindos, the filmset of “Guns of Navarone”, the beautiful islands and enjoy the clear waters of the area.

The same procedure again for the way back, always with the hope to meet dolphins or giant turtles(caretta-caretta).

This was a very short introduction to the experience you will have by joining a safari jet ski in Rhodes from Rodos Water Sports Action!

The safari jet ski is available ONLY in the morning. We gather at the Water Sports Center at 8:45 and the trip starts at 9:00.

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